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Game of Life 2.0.2

Game of Life Game of Life 2.0.2

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Game of Life Publisher's Description

Interesting version of the computer realization of mathematical game "Life" invented by British mathematician John Conway in 1970. This game is the best known example of cellular automaton.

Venue of the game - "the universe" - is marked on the cell surface, unlimited, limited, or closed. Every cell on this surface can be in two states: dead or alive. The player does not take a direct part in the game, he only puts the initial configuration of live cells, which then interact according to certain rules without his participation. These rules lead to a huge variety of "life" that may arise in the game.

This implementation provides you "unlimited" size of the universe, it can scale, load and save in many popular file formats. Also there is the opportunity to set rules for the game, the generation time of the new generations, etc. The editor stores user actions that can, if necessary, roll them up to a certain moment, transformations such as rotations or flips can be applied on the selected areas. It is possible to work with the clipboard that allows you to copy and paste the samples when it's necessary. Also you can choose the color for the states of cells, gridlines, and background. The game has nice and intuitive user interface that will help to fill gameplay with new feelings.

What's New in Version 2.0.2 of Game of Life

v2.0.2.0 Released: 1/31/2012
This update fixed some bugs.

Fixed: bug with closing the application when pattern saving is cancelled.
Misc: More general improvements, fixes and optimizations.

v2.0.0.0 Released: 11/20/2011
This release has completely redesigned kernel of the game that allows to use unlimited gaming space, also were added many useful features.

New: "Unlimited" size of the universe.
New: Work with clipboard.
New: Transformation of selected areas, such as rotations and reflections.
New: Coloring of living cells in different colors depending on its previous state.
New: Support commands Undo/Redo for most operations.
New: Editor tracking changes and, if necessary, notification of the possibility of losing.
New: Support hotkeys.
New: Fitting and centering of the pattern to the screen.
New: Color settings: state of the cells, background, grid lines, etc.
New: Support the following formats: Cells, Lif 1.05, Lif 1.06.
New: Additional predefined rules of the game.
New: Recording errors in the log file.
New: Remembering last window size and location.
New: Added help file for the application.
New: Added End User License Agreement.
Improved: Optimized performance.
Removed: Game modes: closed and finite, because the new version adds the unlimited mode.
Removed: Some UI elements because of uselessness due to change in the game engine.
Updated: TAlex.WPF.Controls
Misc: Modified installer application: now it sets the association with the files that are supported by the application.
Misc: More general improvements, fixes and optimizations.

v1.7.23.38 Released: 11/30/2010
This update adds support for the format RLE, different rules of the game, and many minor additions, changes and improvements.

New: Installer for the application.
New: Support the popular format RLE.
New: Various rules of the game: you can choose pre defined rules or set manually.
New: Added opportunity to save screenshots of the game field in the file or clipboard.
Removed: Support of internal format for storing patterns.
Misc: Minor changes in the user interface.
Misc: More general improvements, fixes and optimizations.

v1.2.16.25 Released: 10/7/2010
This update added some improvements to editor.

Improved: Editor: now it's possibile to draw a series of cells without releasing the mouse button.

v1.2.15.23 Released: 10/5/2010
This update adds a minor changes in the user interface and small changes and improvements.

Misc: Redesigned user interface.
Misc: Updated application icon.
Misc: More general improvements, fixes and optimizations.

v1.0.0.1 Released: 7/19/2009
This update adds a minor changes in the user interface.

New: Added application icon.
New: Added information in the status bar.

v1.0.0.0 Released: 7/02/2009
First stable release.

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